An former journalist, I sometimes have to get back to my roots. In addition to peer-reviewed scholarship, I write for a range of publications and serve as a resource to journalists writing about everything from casual dress to athleisure to the history of the American garment industry.

Check out some of my clips and articles related to my work. 

The Atlantic

How did our office wear go from suits and ties to khakis and button downs to yoga pants and tank tops? Here's what I think


The Washington Post

This profile of my work in the Washington Post details the past and the future of casual dress in America. Check it out.

The New York Times

How does France ban the bikini, but more importantly...why? I offer my opinion.

The Conversation

Think that Hillary's pantsuit is was a fluke? Not really. She had it all planned. Here is the history of this controversial garment.


Go overseas, and you can tell an American from across the square. How? They are the most colorful. I offer my thoughts on why

Business Insider

One of my favorite publications gets my take on the athleisure trend and why it is here to stay.

And then here's me on Ivanka Trump, consumer spending and the power suit